BFT Mitto 2 Button Remote Control

$70.00 Inc. Tax


The MITTO B RCB 2 Button rolling code transmitter by BFT that operates at the 433MHzfrequency.

Replace MITTO2.

Most common BFT remote in UK.


New “language” Design: Design, innovation and technology. These are the messages that our brand new remote controls transmit. All products in the range are a perfect blend

of style and functionality, practicality and safety, ergonomics and usability. Maximum Security: The highly secure encrypted signal and rolling code technology make unwanted copying of the remote signal or cloning of the remote itself extremely difficult. The ergonomic button design helps prevent them from being accidentally pressed.


  • Button Colour: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 2
  • Remote Colour: Black
  • Radio Coding Type: Rolling Code
  • Frequency (MHz): 433.92 MHz
  • Battery Type: 12v LR23A Lithium Batteries
  • Number of Batteries: 1
  • Power Consumption: 23A


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