The turnstiles available from Gate Opening Systems offer a reliable and controlled method of securing your property against unauthorised pedestrian traffic. Turnstile gates are easily integrated into existing perimeter fencing to ensure a high level of pedestrian security. The Gate Opening Systems turnstile has a power-assisted bi-directional drive motor and is compatible with all commercial access control systems. 

Our pedestrian turnstiles have a variety of security adaptations, which can be integrated depending on your specific security requirements. Each turnstile control unit is housed within the bulkhead of the turnstile, leaving sufficient space for the installation of the access control system.

Our industrial-quality electronics, controls, and drive units ensure the system provides seamless and reliable performance.

For more information about turnstile gates, contact our friendly sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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  • Turnstile
  • Finishes available
  • Additional options
  • Turnstile Fabrication
  • Installation Process


  • Full Height Bi-directional

Finishes available

  • Galvanised (standard)
  • Powder coated (upon request)

Additional options

  • Card reader mounting brackets suitable for readers and intercoms
  • Power failure options available
  • Battery back ups and uninterrupted power supply.
  • Timers
  • Solar option available

Turnstile Fabrication

  • Australian made and manufactured.

Installation Process

  • A project manager is assigned to each project and will attend site consistently to ensure quality performance and scheduled completion.
  • Upon request, we can arrange experienced contractors to complete all civil and concrete works
  • Conduit and concrete plans sent, upon request.
  • Qualified Gate Opening Systems electricians complete all turnstile installations.

Pedestrian Turnstile Gates in Melbourne

At Gate Opening Systems, we proudly offer full height bi-directional pedestrian turnstiles in galvanised and powder-coated finishes. Our turnstile gates are Australian made and manufactured, with the installation process fully project managed by our team.

Gate Opening Systems also offers support services for your pedestrian turnstile in Melbourne. For servicing, repairs, and preventative maintenance, we’re only a phone call away.

For pedestrian turnstile manufacturing, supply, and installation that you can trust, get in touch with our friendly team today. From welding and fabrication to electrical work and aftersales support, we do it all for you.

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