Electric Fencing

Enhance your perimeter with security electric fencing from Gate Opening Systems.

Our team specialises in electric security gates and security fencing in Melbourne. In addition to our quality automatic gates and industrial fences, electric fencing will further protect your perimeter with a highly effective visual, psychological, and physical barrier to keep intruders out. 

Easily integrated with your existing security monitoring system and installed by leaders in their field, a security electric fence or gate turns your site into a hard target. This ensures would-be intruders are detected or hampered, affecting their ability to access your premises, cause damage, or steal stock.  

Our security electric fences are installed to AS/NZS 3016:2002, and when integrated with most industrial fences, offer a cost-effective and low maintenance solution. They will prevent unwanted attacks on your premises, equipment, and goods by delivering an 8000v shock to potential intruders! 

Contact one of our friendly team members to further discuss your specific requirements.

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  • Range of Products
  • Materials Used
  • Advantages

Range of Products

  • 700mm high – 8 Wires
  • 2400mm high – 24 Wires
  • 3000mm high – 30 Wires

Materials Used

  • Galvanised Steel Posts
  • Aluminium Wire
  • Plastic Insulators and Strainers
  • Powered by a Druid 28LCD energiser
  • Weatherproof energiser enclosure
  • Backup Battery for energiser
  • Optional additional Energisers available for multiple protection zones
  • Optional strobe lights and sirens also available


  • Full fence height protection
  • Easy integration/connection to existing security monitoring systems (by others)
  • Electric Fencing can be installed on automatic gates and pedestrian gates
  • Warranty, preventative maintenance and servicing available

Security Gates and Security Fencing in Melbourne

Our security fences and security gates offer Melbourne properties a range of advantages. As well as being electrified, our gates and fences are tall and imposing, offering excellent physical protection. You can integrate electric security gates and fences with existing gates, fences, and security systems, and all our products are backed by warranties for your peace of mind.

To get security fencing and security gates in Melbourne that are backed by high-quality galvanised steel and superior manufacturing and installation, contact us today. Gate Opening Systems will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met.

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