Gate Opening Systems (GOS)- 1 Channel Rolling Code Receiver – 433.92Mhz – 12/24V

$90.00 Inc. Tax

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Brand: Gate Opening Systems

This sophisticated one channel receiver, Model 81CRV5, has been specially designed to operate any control panel of gates or garage doors.

Selecting operation voltage 12V or 24V AC/DC

The receiver is made to suit 12- 24V Ac / Dc voltage. You can select the operation voltage by the Voltage Selector Jumper in the receiver. See the location of this Jumper in the receiver’s picture below.

Learning Codes:

Each button of the TR4-RS remote control transmits a different code. Therefore, each remote control can operate four different receivers. The receiver 81CR can learn up to 170 different codes (buttons) of the remote control TR4-RS, and all the four buttons can even be taught into one receiver.

Receiver specifications:
  • Operating radio frequency : 433.92MHz Super Regenerative.
  • Operating voltage : 12-24V DC AC / selectable by jumper.
  • Current consumption : 5mA on standby.
  • Relay contact ratings : 5A / 12V DC ; 2A / 30V AC.
  • Type of receiver : Micro-controlled.
  • Functions of operation : Pulse Function (pulse of 0.5 Sec.)
  • Coding combinations : hopping code – changes with each transmition.
  • Type of coding : Learning codes up to 170 different remote controls.
Remote control specifications:
  • Operating range : 100m. (Open air)
  • Battery type : GP Battery, type 23A.


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