Flashing Light – Elsema E80L Series – Led, Local Buzzer

$95.00 Inc. Tax

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90° Wall Mount LED Flashing Lights with buzzer

Choice of colour: Amber, Blue, Red, Green


  • Rated voltage 12 to 24 Volts DC
  • LED Technology
  • Flashing or continuous mode: 60-80 flashes per minute
  • Available colours amber, blue, red & green
  • IP65 Rated (Outdoor use)


  • Indicate movement for automatic gates and doors for added safety.
  • Use on forklifts, trucks, cars or warehouses to indicate caution.
The E80L series of flashing lights flash at a rate of 60-80 flashes per minute when it’s powered up. These flashing lights have a built-in buzzer. The flashing action can be switched “off” if not required. The lights can be used in a variety of applications such as warning lights to indicate danger. It can be used on automatic gates, trucks, carts, forklifts and many other applications in an outdoor environment.


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