BFT Deimos BT A600

Complete kit 24 V for sliding gates weighing up to 600 kg. Leaf speed 12 m/min.


Kit includes:

  • Deimos BT A600 Motor. Operator 24 V for sliding gates up to 600 kg in weight. Leaf speed 12 m/min.
  • Plastic rack, 4-module, cross-section 22 x 22 mm, length 1 m, screw-fitted into slots Max. load capacity 600 kg.
  • 2 x Mitto 2 Button Remotes: Transmitter with 2 channels. Range 50/100 m. Power supply 12 V with 1 battery type 23 A


Optional solar kit available


Supply voltage: 230 V AC

Power input: 50 W

Max. door/gate weight: 600 kg

Gate speed: 12 m/min

Type of limit switch: Electromechanical

Pinion module: 4

Slowdown: Yes

Locking: Mechanical

Release: Lever-operated with personal key

Impact reaction: D-Track

Frequency of use: intensive

Protection rating: IP24

Environmental conditions: -20 ÷ 55 °C


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BFT Deimos BT A600